About Us

“CHIC HOUSE is integrating online + offline shopping through our e-commerce portal ( and promoting sales through pop ups/exhibitions.”

What does that mean?

CHIC HOUSE has curated an ingenious mix of 35+ brands from across India under one roof. These labels have garnered a local following within their city, and we’re here to expand their brand presence nationally. A variety of apparel, accessory and lifestyle brands can be bought online at our website. But, there are plenty of e-commerce website out there. What makes us different?

Buying online is so convenient! However, we’re always worried about how it’s going to look - will it fit me perfectly? Will the color suit me? Etc. We’re putting an end to all your concerns!

Once every few months, we bring all of the incredible designs you see at our website – offline! Giving you the opportunity to come see, touch, feel, and/or try all designs in person. Now you can try it before you buy it! You can purchase it at the exhibition, or log on to the website and shop from the comfort of your home. We’re eliminating the doubt you have while shopping online! AND we’re getting rid of the pressure you feel at exhibitions to buy something immediately. Second-guessing your purchase? Want to show your friends before you buy it? You can do that now with CHIC HOUSE!